The FAN COIL BOOSTER born as evolution of more traditional fan coil system and a linear broadcast, which exploits the natural convection of air inside the room.
FCB combines comfort, energy efficiency by improving the efficiency of both systems already known in the market, offering something different.
The installation of the FCB is at the ceiling and remains the only visible grid supply and return air. The Coanda effect and the possibility to have also a bidirectional grid flow, avoids the problems of the shores of cold air.
The different steps of the temperature of the water works with the heat exchanger fan coil beam (7/12 ° C, 10/15 ° C, 15/18 ° C), come in handy especially when environmental conditions are stringent for the classical diffuer and allow a flexibility of installations. The FCB once installed, is not invasive but good looking for designer. The  brushless EC motor ensures quiet operation.

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